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Ramsey A. Amin, DDS

Is there an easy way to switch my blog from Typepad to WordPress?

Denise Wakeman

Easy is relative. To move your blog you need to get a hosting account, install wordpress, find a a theme (design) you like, add the appropriate plugins and then import your content. Can definitely be done and it's not necessarily hard, but there are a lot of steps. I recommend hiring an expert to do the set up and import.


This is great, Denise, thanks for sharing your expert recommendations!

Christine Hueber


Such an inspiring post. Great. I have a blog but I don't know how to make it more realistic.
If you have any suggestion.. I will be glad to hear it.



I started a blog on Typepad years ago because of the Blog Squad and its recommendation. It is at http://www.energyconsciousconsultant.com

Now it seems that Word Press is all over the internet and how easy it is to use with all the plugins available.

Did I make a mistake on starting with Typepad? Do you still recommend Typepad over Word Press?

Denise Wakeman

Carol - you did not make a mistake setting up your blog on TypePad. It's a fantastic platform and it's right for many people. All my blogs are still on TypePad and are doing just fine. Just because Wordpress has millions of plugins doesn't mean it's better. When people ask what platform to use, I say "it depends." Wordpress has a lot more bells and whistles which can make it more difficult to deal with if you are not technically inclined. It depends on how comfortable you are with technology, if you or someone else will be maintaining it (you have to do all the upgrades and fixes when something goes haywire). There is no customer service for WP though there are many people who can help and an active forum. You have to find the platform that works the best for YOU vs. what everyone else is doing.

Supra Society NS

When they are gone you may still exist

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