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Kurt Johansen

For an email campaign to be successful two very important pieces must be in place. 1. The software chosen should be easy, reliable, be used in a HTML and Text vesrion and have ready customised templates to use. Spam checks and how the email will look in browsers are also essential. As well as open, clickthrough stats, autoresponder sequences are crucial. 2. The strategy behind your campaign must be also be rock solid. What are you trying to accomplish, the methods to get there and how will you know you have arrived.

Internet Marketing

Nice post,

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Internet marketing is a powerful tool used by different business organizations around the world. It is defined as the process of achieving marketing objectives through the use of electronic communications technology via the World Wide Web.

Internet marketing is also known to be the online marketing strategy utilized by different company whose objective is to be the best company in their field. It is important that any business organization should adhere to the use of the website as an integral part of online marketing.

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